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  • Shirting Fabrics

    Shirting Fabrics

    لدينا المهرة الحرفيين يخلق ftrend وضع التصميم التي يتم تحويلها بعد ذلك إلى نوعية الأقمشة الدولية في دولتنا مرفق الفن. هي المتاحة في مختلف التصاميم والألوان والغزول المخلوطة والتي يمكن أيضا أن يكون تخصيص لمتطلبات العملاء هذه. بعض من السمات المميزة لهذه الأقمشة هي السحابات اللون، وقوة التحمل، والانتهاء من impeckable وقبل كل شيء التسعير competiotive.

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  • Suiting Fabrics

    Suiting Fabrics

    Suiting Fabrics is our speciality. Our state of art manufacturing and processing facility enables us to supply top of the range suiting fabrics cusomtize to the requirement of our buyers. Our promise is unmantched quality, texture, service and competitive prices.

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  • Synthetic Blended Fabrics

    Synthetic Blended Fabrics

    We manufacture top of the range printed and plain polyster fabrics using state of art technology and processes. These fabrics are available in various eye catching colors, color combination, vibrant patterns, and designs. Polyster fabrics can be customize as per our customers specifications.

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  • Cotton Fabric

    Cotton Fabric

    Our Master craftsmen have created an exciting range of designs to stimulate the asthetic in you. Cotton Fabrics are available in an infinite array of color combination, vibrant poatterns and designs. This can be customized as per the needs of our customer. Cotton Fabrics can be imparted with latest processing techniques to make them stain resistant and wrinkle free.

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